• Mens Grooming-Different Procedures to Keep you Looking Great!

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    Good grooming is an indication that a man has self-respect. It is also an indication that he respects the people he is likely to get in contact with. In this day and era, no man would risk looking shaggy and disorderly. Looks are everything; people judge you depending on your looks and appearance. Good grooming accords you respect and acceptance from the society at large. What are the various grooming procedures for men?

    Head and Hair grooming is an essential procedure. A man should not allow his hair to grow uncontrollably. It is essential to get a haircut every now and then. Identify the right barber and stick to him. You may decide to have a clean shave or leave some hair on. Professional barbers always consider your face shape. They will tailor the hair cut to suit the shape of your face.

    Facial hair should also be trimmed accordingly. For instance, the beard should be well maintained and shaved on a regular. Some men tend to have nose hair peeping out; this should be trimmed and not allowed to overgrow. Attention should also be given to ear hair and eyebrows. With tweezers or razor blades, eyebrows can be trimmed to attain a neat look.

    Men of this generation should always observe high levels of hygiene. This includes regular showering to keep the body clean. Oral hygiene is also important thus teeth should always be kept clean. It helps eliminate bad breath making your conversations with people pleasant. Nails should never be overlooked. Finger nails as well as toe nails should be well trimmed and kept clean.

    The modern man should always maintain a good fragrance. Maintaining good body odor makes it easy to sit and stand next to people. Especially with hot temperatures, trimming of armpit hair and use of deodorant is encouraged. This helps reduce sweating and maintain good body odor.

    Good grooming is not complete without appropriate attire. A man should know how to dress his body size and also rock the best outfit for every occasion. It should be a man’s habit to always look presentable at all times.

  • Men Celebrities Also Have Plastic Surgeries

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    It is already well-known that female celebrities have cosmetic surgeries to keep their looks. They often openly admit it. What is important to note, is that male celebrities, are also trying to fight their age the same way. And they are more close-minded and secretive to such procedures.

    In this article, we will take two famous men who have had plastic surgery.

    – Axl Rose

    The famous rock star of the Guns N’Roses, is suspected to have undergone several cosmetic surgeries. Though his wild lifestyle and open personality, he has not admitted to it. But the media and experts think it possible when comparing his change. It is thought that he has had a facelift and botox injections. Both procedures are used to have a younger face.

    – Barry Manilow

    His young look despite his age, seemed to suggest the use of a facelift. The media was directly on his tail. In fact, he was photographed leaving a clinic in Beverly Hills. His first pictures with bags under his eyes, later followed by photos with a much fresher look, suggested a certain procedure called blepharoplasty. He admitted to it after a long silence.

    There are also many other men who have admitted taking plastic surgeries. Between them we may note Bruce Jenner (nose, facelift), Gene Simmons (facelift around the chin), Enrique Iglesias (mole removal), Wayne Rooney (hair transplant) and many more.

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    The idea of a man these days has changed in a very big way in recent years and is so much different to what it once was. If you were to go back just a few decades and tell the men around at the time of the grooming that goes on with the men in this day and age, they would not believe you or they would be completely embarrassed and ashamed of what men have become.

    However, this is the way of the world now and this is what men have become, whether it be the everyday man in the street or the big celebrities on the world stage, it is all about looking good. Here we are going to talk to you about some of the ways that men groom themselves these days, as well as some of the celebs who have been big on grooming and surgery.