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  • Men Celebrities Also Have Plastic Surgeries

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    It is already well-known that female celebrities have cosmetic surgeries to keep their looks. They often openly admit it. What is important to note, is that male celebrities, are also trying to fight their age the same way. And they are more close-minded and secretive to such procedures.

    In this article, we will take two famous men who have had plastic surgery.

    – Axl Rose

    The famous rock star of the Guns N’Roses, is suspected to have undergone several cosmetic surgeries. Though his wild lifestyle and open personality, he has not admitted to it. But the media and experts think it possible when comparing his change. It is thought that he has had a facelift and botox injections. Both procedures are used to have a younger face.

    – Barry Manilow

    His young look despite his age, seemed to suggest the use of a facelift. The media was directly on his tail. In fact, he was photographed leaving a clinic in Beverly Hills. His first pictures with bags under his eyes, later followed by photos with a much fresher look, suggested a certain procedure called blepharoplasty. He admitted to it after a long silence.

    There are also many other men who have admitted taking plastic surgeries. Between them we may note Bruce Jenner (nose, facelift), Gene Simmons (facelift around the chin), Enrique Iglesias (mole removal), Wayne Rooney (hair transplant) and many more.